About Us

Torento Engineering Private Ltd, also known as Torento Shoe Machinery, is the pioneers and the only in Sri Lanka for manufacturing shoe making machineries, cutting dies and other accessories since 1986.

Torento Engineering Private Ltd started as Torento Engineering Enterprises as a partnership company by Jeewanasuri Dayantha Hempala de Soysa at domestic and very small level with his personal experience acquired from Ceylon Leather Products Corporation where mostly all shoe machineries were imported from other countries which is not affordable to small and medium scale industries at that time. However, we made the market to turn back to pursue Sri Lankan machineries for last three decades by maintaining the International standard in our products.

Further, in way back in year 1999 we started another company called Torento Cutting Dies to manufacture cutting dies and moulds to cater the continues request coming from our customers.

As a big step of our history, in 2004, we merged these sister companies, Torento Engineering Enterprises and Torento Cutting Dies and form the private liability company, Torento Engineering Private Ltd.


To be the pioneer of manufacturing industrial machinery in the island by identifying and developing innovative products required by the industrial sector in Sri Lanka.


Providing industrial machinery solutions to all the entrepreneurs from small scale to large scale in the industrial sector by manufacturing and selling high quality and efficient machines confirming to international standards while enhancing the living standards of the Torento employees and protecting the environment.

Quality Policy

We, Torento Engineering (Pvt) Ltd is dedicated to manufacturing quality machinery & equipment, which meet customer requirements and lead to their satisfaction.In addition, we are committed to comply with all statutory legislation relevant to industry best practices, standards & guidelines. Also we, continually improve the Quality Management System based on ISO 9001:2015.


As the brand “Torento” we manufacture over 50 types of machineries not only for shoe making industries but also for varies other industries such as headwear, apparels, packaging and so forth. We have over 40 staff with varies capacities and experience to fuel “Torento” to drive its destination.

In addition to that, we, Torento as a group of companies own most sophisticated equipment for designing, fabricating, machining over worth a few of million rupees.

Furthermore, we have the best R&D team to design and manufacturing of any kind of medium ranged machines tailor made to various customer desires.

Again, as the biggest step of our company we entered to the export market in 2002 by exporting machineries and cutting dies and moulds to India, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Australia and USA.


As the group of company of Torento, we maintain the following qualities;

Customer First: Customer satisfaction is our top priority

Excellent Service: We produce our product on time and assured to provide a unique after sale service island wide

Research and Development: Continuous process to provide the customers required technological advantages at low cost.

Quality: Quality raw materials and spares are used with our products with a guarantee.


Torento provides the unique service to the industry of shoe making in Sri Lanka by providing product & services for local requirement. Especially most of the parts are fabricated locally within the company; hence we could maintain the lowest competitive price with other importers.